I am Dr. Mario
Giovanni Figlioli.

I’m known for my skills in entrepreneurship and business development, and my career shows my ability to lead businesses to success in the global market. I’ve always aimed to innovate and tackle complex challenges with advanced strategies, helping various companies achieve¬†success.

Over 20+ Years of Experience

My journey spans across team management, crafting business opportunities, and devising digital marketing strategies. With a strong focus on overseas expansion and development projects, I’ve been a cornerstone in aiding companies with internationalization and export management.

As an entrepreneurial visionary with a proven track record of taking businesses to international recognition, I’ve co-founded and been a key driver behind InvtronDAO, crafting a groundbreaking financial ecosystem that embodies both security and innovation. Moreover, as COO and co-founder of Kulassa, my role goes beyond just operational management to include marketing. My expertise in this area has been crucial in broadening Kulassa’s reach and cementing its position in the industry, significantly contributing to its growth and success.

During my tenure, I focused on strategic expansion into global markets, setting industry benchmarks along the way. With Rete Punica, which I founded in Italy and which was the first business network in Southern Italy, I championed a culture of collaboration, fostering an environment where knowledge exchange catalyzed growth. Throughout my career, I’ve seamlessly blended sharp leadership with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, always positioning businesses at the forefront of their sectors.

Entrepreneurial Vitality: Harnessing Business and Health

Alongside my fervor for business, I have cultivated significant proficiency in personal well-being, serving as a mental coach and personal trainer. My expertise spans a wide array of sports disciplines, from gym fitness utilizing both equipment and bodyweight exercises to martial arts and MMA, extending to water sports such as kite surfing and sailing. This diversity reflects my holistic philosophy towards wellness, merging mental fortitude with physical agility to achieve excellence in all life’s facets.

Through this site, I aim to share my visions and winning approaches, providing tools for those aspiring to entrepreneurial success as well as those seeking to enhance their personal well-being. Here, you’ll find a unique intersection of professional insights and personal development tips, all designed to inspire, motivate, and guide you towards achieving your goals.

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide

My mission is to support you not only in developing successful business strategies but also in refining your personal skills, both mental and physical. Whether your aim is to expand a business, elevate your career, or simply live a more balanced and fulfilling life, you’ll find an ally and a guide here.

I invite you to explore my site to discover more about how we can work together to transform both your professional aspirations and personal well-being into tangible realities.

Welcome to the place where international expertise in entrepreneurship and business development meets a passion for personal improvement, creating unique synergies for success.

Dr. Mario Giovanni Figlioli

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